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Version 1.44 (Work in progress)

FIXED   Crash if activity is destroyed as photo is taken.
ADDED   New option "Ghost image", to overlay last photo taken.

Version 1.43.3 (2018/04/20)

FIXED   Fixed some crashes.
ADDED   Added video capture rate, capture rate factor and high speed info to About debug dialog.
UPDATED Fix toast message if slow motion video fails.

Version 1.43.2 (2018/04/13)

FIXED   Fixed some crashes.

Version 1.43.1 (2018/04/12)

FIXED   Crash when selecting antibanding setting on devices with no support for antibanding; this
        option is now removed on such devices.
FIXED   Crash when using Storage Access Framework to select "Downloads" on Android 8+.
FIXED   Fixed some other crashes.

Version 1.43 (2018/04/10)

FIXED   Fixed crash when sharing images (if not using Storage Access Framework) on some Android 7+
FIXED   Fixed crash related to devices that don't support video.
FIXED   Fixed some crashes for when Camera2 API enabled.
FIXED   Problems when taking HDR or expo photos quickly without pause, the second photo would use
        incorrect exposure.
FIXED   Problems with popup view layout on some non-English languages.
FIXED   On-screen icons (e.g., for HDR) didn't show after restarting.
FIXED   When using volume keys to switch auto-level on/off, user interface wasn't updating properly.
FIXED   Face detection mode on Camera2 API wasn't affecting resultant exposure etc.
FIXED   Bug with video subtitles (.SRT) option, overlapping subtitles could appear briefly when
        pausing/resuming video.
FIXED   Bug on some devices (e.g., Nokia 8) where manual sliders (e.g., for manual ISO) could only
        go up to 1 less than the true maximum allowed value.
FIXED   Some stored "values" for zh-rCN shouldn't have been translated.
ADDED   New Fast Burst photo mode (Camera2 API only).
ADDED   Slow motion video (Camera2 API only).
ADDED   Time lapse video (requires Android 5).
ADDED   Torch option for front cameras without flash, which lights up the screen.
ADDED   Option to save only in RAW/DNG format (requires Android 7).
ADDED   New options under "Photo settings" to support Artist and/or Copyright Exif tags in images
        (requires Android 7).
ADDED   On-screen icons for DRO and Expo Bracketing modes.
ADDED   On-screen icon for when audio is disabled in video mode.
UPDATED Now targetting Android 8.1.
UPDATED Improved appearance of on-screen text and photo stamp text (draw fonts with outline, rather
        than shaded background).
UPDATED Improved layout of on-screen information.
UPDATED Improved look of popup menu.
UPDATED Improved support for setting frame rates (including high speed support) when using Camera2
        API. Thanks to George Joseph.
UPDATED Video frame rate preference is now stored per-camera (as with video resolution).
UPDATED Burst mode now renamed to Repeat mode (note, some translations may still refer to "burst").
UPDATED Some preferences in settings now show the currently selected value.
UPDATED Improved performance when going to settings in portrait mode.
UPDATED Don't request audio permission (or show toast if not available) if record audio option for
        video is disabled.
UPDATED Zoom now resets when pausing the application, switching camera, or switching between photo
        and video modes (not resetting zoom tends to confuse users; this change also makes behaviour
        consistent with other camera applications).
UPDATED For "Pause after taking photo" option, pressing Back when preview is paused now unpauses the
        preview and keeps the photo, rather than exiting the application.
UPDATED Don't block UI when image saving queue is full, instead simply don't allow more photos to be
        taken until queue is no longer full. Size of image saving queue is also increased, depending
        on memory of device.
UPDATED Datestamp format (for "Stamp photos" option) yyyy/mm/dd replaced with yyyy-mm-dd (to match
        ISO 8601 standard).
UPDATED Camera2 API now sets CONTROL_ENABLE_ZSL for standard and DRO photo modes on Android 8+.
UPDATED "Use background thread" debug option removed (now defaults to using background thread for
        saving photos).

Version 1.42.2 (2017/12/30)

FIXED   Fixed some crashes.
FIXED   Problems with alignment of some dialogs in portrait mode on some devices (possibly an
        Android 8 issue).
ADDED   On-screen face icon displayed when face detection is enabled.
UPDATED Enable 60fps on Android 7+ for GUI rendering.

Version 1.42.1 (2017/12/10)

FIXED   Crash related to front camera fake flash on devices with auto focus and Camera2 API.
FIXED   Possible fix for boot loop on LineageOS (this is a LineageOS bug exposed by using Android
        Studio 3; workaround is to upgrade to build tools 27.0.1).
FIXED   Change in 1.42 for using suffix "_0" etc instead of "_EXP0" etc was only done for HDR expo
        images; now done for Expo {} photo mode too.
FIXED   Text style "Plain text" for "Stamp photos" was still showing a shadow effect.
FIXED   Workaround for Google bug where crash can be reported if application is open when it's being
        updated ( ).
UPDATED Now targetting Android 8.
UPDATED New adaptive icon for Android 8 (thanks to Adam Lapinski).
UPDATED Improve Camera2 quality for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (set EDGE_MODE_OFF and
UPDATED Updated Norwegian Bokmål translation (thanks to Imre Kristoffer Eilertsen).
UPDATED Updated Polish translation (thanks to Jacek Buczyński).

Version 1.42 (2017/11/19)

FIXED   Fixed some crashes.
FIXED   Bug since 1.41 where if camera failed to open, it wasn't possible to switch to other
ADDED   Application shortcuts (requires Android 7.1).
ADDED   Face detection now supports accessibility services (e.g., if using Google Talkback,
        information on the number and position of detected faces will be spoken).
ADDED   Link to GPL on About dialog.
UPDATED Expo images (either in "Expo {}" photo mode, or HDR when "Save all images for HDR mode" is
        selected) are now saved with suffix "_0" etc, instead of "_EXP0" etc. This means Google
        Photos knows to group the images together.
UPDATED Performance improvements.
UPDATED "Show angle" no longer enabled by default.

Version 1.41.1 (2017/10/21)

FIXED   Crash in 1.41 when opening popup menu in video mode on devices without flash.
FIXED   Crash in 1.41 related to taking photos on burst mode with no delay when camera closing.
UPDATED Auto-repeat burst mode now closes when going to settings (not safe to be taking photos in
        background when settings may change).

Version 1.41 (2017/10/15)

FIXED   No longer shows exposure flashes on the screen when taking HDR photos with Camera2 API.
FIXED   "Pause after taking photo" option was pausing preview after stopping video recording.
FIXED   Minor bug in HDR auto-alignment.
ADDED   Take photos while recording video.
ADDED   What's New dialog now displays to user new features/changes.
ADDED   Norwegian Bokmål translation (thanks to Imre Kristoffer Eilertsen).
UPDATED Switch camera icon now next to take photo button, for easier one-handed use.
UPDATED Switching to video mode now done by selecting the smaller video icon next to the take photo
        button; similarly switch back to photo mode by selecting the smaller photo icon next to the
        record video button.
UPDATED ISO controls now moved entirely to the exposure icon.
UPDATED Changing ISO values is faster (except for switching between auto and manual mode on Camera2
UPDATED Improved performance by closing camera on background thread when application pauses.
UPDATED HDR improvements (ghost removal, and brightening of too dark images).
UPDATED Expo bracketing and HDR photo modes now have maximum exposure time of 0.5s (for Camera2
UPDATED Use material design icons for location/GPS.
UPDATED Updated Italian translation (thanks to Stefano Gualmo).

Version 1.40 (2017/08/18)

FIXED   Front screen flash wasn't showing if in "everything" immersive mode.
FIXED   Shouldn't show "RAW" on-screen icon when RAW is enabled, but it's not
        supported by the current camera.
FIXED   Fixed title of calibrate level angle dialog (shouldn't be "About").
FIXED   Various crashes.
FIXED   Don't show two toasts when changing scene modes (bug in 1.39).
FIXED   For DRO and HDR modes with Camera2 API, don't set ISO value outside of
        supported range.
ADDED   Polish translation (thanks to Jacek Buczyński).
UPDATED Improvements to HDR algorithm for brightness levels (problems with HDR
        photos coming out too dark).
UPDATED Changing color effect or white balance is now faster, and no longer
        closes the popup (unless switching to manual white balance); for
        Camera2 mode, changing scene mode is also faster.
UPDATED Improved performance when leaving Settings, if certain preferences
        haven't been modified.
UPDATED Close camera on background thread.
UPDATED Pause icon now changes when pausing video (thanks to Johan Ejdemark).
UPDATED Make pause icon easier to see against bright backgrounds.
UPDATED Larger gap between bottom of zoom slider and edge of screen (reduce
        risk of hitting device capacitive buttons when zooming out).
UPDATED Don't show ISO info on debug window that's specific to old camera API,
        when using Camera2 API.
UPDATED Performance improvements: reduced memory allocations.
UPDATED Make sure exposure lock icon is set whilst camera is opening.
UPDATED White balances, scene modes, color effects are now shown as "user
        readable" strings (except for old Camera API where there are device
        specific values). This also means these strings can be translated in
        future versions.
UPDATED About debug info now lists information on supported exposure
        compensation and manual ranges.

Version 1.39 (2017/06/28)

FIXED   For Camera2, don't show flash of previous preview image when resuming
FIXED   Crash when exiting (related to cleaning up renderscript object).
UPDATED Camera now opens on background thread (for smoother operation) on
        Android 7+.
UPDATED Performance improvements for opening popup view.

Version 1.38.2 (2017/06/01)

FIXED   Various crashes.
UPDATED Performance improvements for opening popup view.

Version 1.38.1 (2017/05/22)

FIXED   Various crashes.
FIXED   Don't show expo bracketing for original camera API if exposure
        compensation is not supported.
UPDATED Performance improvements.

Version 1.38 (2017/05/13)

FIXED   Crash with video subtitles option when GPS is lost.
FIXED   Fixed various other crashes.
FIXED   Photo stamp now shows in correct orientation, on devices that store
        orientation as Exif tag (e.g., Samsung devices).
FIXED   Still show flash symbol (for flash auto) even if "Show ISO" option is
        disabled (for Camera2 API).
FIXED   Minor bug in DRO/HDR image generation.
ADDED   Manual white balance temperature (Camera2 API only).
ADDED   HDR and expo bracketing now available for original Camera API (HDR
        still requires Android 5+) (Camera2 API will still be much faster).
ADDED   On-screen icons now displayed to indicate options being enabled, for
        RAW, auto-stabilise, HDR, photo stamp.
ADDED   Hungarian translation (thanks to Báthory Péter).
ADDED   Ukranian translation (thanks to Olexandr).
UPDATED Improved HDR algorithm for areas that are over-exposed even on the
        darkest image.
UPDATED More Exif tags preserved when saving in modes that require re-saving
        the image (e.g., auto-stabilise, photo stamp, DRO, HDR) (requires
        Android 7). Performance also improved for such modes on Android 7.
UPDATED Improved ISO and exposure time scaling for the manual sliders.
UPDATED Don't leave gaps between various on-screen info text (time, free
        memory, etc) if some of them are disabled.
UPDATED Number of exposure bracketing stops now refers to the full half-range.
UPDATED "Auto-stabilise" option now renamed to "Auto-level", to avoid confusion
        with image stabilisation.
UPDATED Performance improvements.

Version 1.37 (2017/02/12)

FIXED   Crash on devices not supporting scene mode.
FIXED   Crash if failed to start audio listener (for "loud noise").
FIXED   Problems with focusing on OnePlus 3T with Android 7 on Camera2.
FIXED   Problems with "alternative" flash method for Camera2 API on OnePlus 3T.
FIXED   Improved support for standard flash on Camera2 API on OnePlus 3T.
FIXED   Support for long manual exposure times (with Camera2 API) (e.g.,
        OnePlus 3T).
FIXED   Remove duplicate entries from ISO buttons (e.g., for OnePlus 3T).
FIXED   Problems with "fast HDR/expo burst" on Nexus 6 now fixed (you should be
        able to reenable this under "Photo Settings", for faster HDR and expo
        bracketing shots.
FIXED   Shutter sound option wasn't working for Camera2 API unless a photo had
        previously been taken in the same session.
ADDED   Display flash symbol for Camera2 API in flash auto mode, to indicate
        whether flash will fire.
UPDATED Improved battery life when going idle.
UPDATED Improved support for flash auto decision on when to take a photo, when
        using "alternative" flash method and/or HDR, expo bracketing for
        Camera2 API (it now matches the decision when not using the alternative
        flash method).
UPDATED Finer control for manual seekbars.
UPDATED Display "Capturing..." when manual exposure time is 0.5s or longer.
UPDATED Support face detection on more devices (e.g., OnePlus 3T) with Camera2
UPDATED Improved popup view so selected button is centred rather than aligned
UPDATED Continuous focus is now the default for new installs on all devices.

Version 1.36.2 (2017/01/01)

FIXED   Save location folder dialog wasn't working from Settings in 1.36.

Version 1.36.1 (2016/12/31)

FIXED   Fixed a couple of crashes.

Version 1.36 (2016/12/28)

FIXED   "Loud noise" audio control wasn't working.
FIXED   Remember focus mode for video mode.
FIXED   Focus circle for continuous focus mode would sometimes show green.
FIXED   Improved behaviour for photo/video mode when launched from a take photo
        or record video intent (no longer keeps switching back to photo mode
        when pause/resuming if called from a photo intent; now allows switching
        to photo mode if called from a video intent).
FIXED   Make line-spacing for toasts more consistent.
FIXED   Improved "Max duration of video", was stopping up to a second
ADDED   New photo mode "DRO" (dynamic range optimisation) (requires Android 5).
ADDED   Quick settings tiles to open camera (requires Android 7): tiles for
        photo, video and selfie mode.
ADDED   Pause/resume video recording (requires Android 7).
ADDED   New option to mirror photos for front camera (Settings/Photo settings/
        "Front camera mirror").
ADDED   Option to calibrate the level angle (accelerometer) (see Settings/More
        camera controls/"Calibrate level angle".
ADDED   New option to display on-screen pitch lines (Settings/On screen GUI/
        "Show pitch lines") and compass direction lines (Settings/
        On screen GUI/"Show compass direction lines").
ADDED   Camera2 API popup menu now has "ISO M" option to switch straight to
        manual exposure mode, but defaulting to the current ISO value.
ADDED   New option "Video subtitles" (Settings/Video settings/). This creates a
        subtitle file (in .SRT format) displaying date and time; and also GPS
        location and direction if those options are enabled
ADDED   New option to disable showing the "take photo" button (under Settings/
        On screen GUI/"Show take photo icon").
ADDED   3 seconds entry for "Max duration of video" option.
UPDATED HDR now has auto-alignment for better quality photos.
UPDATED Moved white balance/scene mode/color effect options lower down the
        popup menu.
UPDATED No longer auto-stabilise or display level angle when device pointing
        nearly up or down.
UPDATED Apply low pass filter for compass direction.
UPDATED Continuous focus mode is now the default for back camera for Nexus and
        Pixel devices.
UPDATED About/debug info now shows whether disabling shutter sound is supported.
UPDATED Updated Russian translation (thanks to Grigorii Chirkov).
UPDATED Updated Slovenian translation (thanks to Peter Klofutar).

Version 1.35 (2016/10/30)

FIXED   Crashes for Galaxy Ace 4, Galaxy S Duos 3 (to do with Exif data).
FIXED   Workaround for Android 7 bug where rotated seekbars don't show
FIXED   Problem that after pausing and resuming in manual ISO mode, the
        on-screen ISO was shown continually in red.
FIXED   Improved handling of camera errors - display error rather than just
        allowing preview to freeze.
ADDED   New "Enable fast HDR/expo burst" option under "Photo settings" for
        Camera2 mode. Disable this if your device has problems taking photos in
        HDR or Exposure Bracketing photo modes.
UPDATED Improvements to HDR algorithm: improved tonemapping; local contrast
UPDATED Improved performance of on-screen toasts, gives smoother update for
        seekbars (e.g., manual focus, exposure).
UPDATED Launching Open Camera always opens in camera mode (rather than gallery,
        if the user had previously gone to the gallery).
UPDATED Improved look of seekbars, particularly for exposure.
UPDATED Folder chooser now contains entry to jump to DCIM folder.
UPDATED Timeout for camera2, give up waiting after 10s rather than freezing.
UPDATED Updated Russian translation (thanks to Grigorii Chirkov).
UPDATED Updated Slovenian translation (thanks to Peter Klofutar).
UPDATED Now supporting Android 7.
UPDATED Now compiling with Android Studio instead of Eclipse.

Version 1.34 (2016/10/08)

FIXED   Crash on Camera2.
FIXED   Crash for Asus ZenFones with Android 5.0.
FIXED   Face detection and touch to focus not working properly with Camera2 and
        "Rotate preview" option; this should also hopefully fix problems for
        devices with unusual camera orientations (Nexus 5X).
FIXED   Face detection wouldn't switch off with Camera2 API without restart.
FIXED   For file dialog, still allow going up to parent folders even if a
        folder contains no readable files.
FIXED   Pause preview option now shows exactly the saved photo (no lag, and
        works with options such as auto-stabilise, photostamp, HDR).
FIXED   Nexus 6 got wrong date/time when using Camera2 API with geotagging
ADDED   New photo mode Exposure Bracketing. Only supported for devices with
        Camera2 API (and Camera2 must be enabled).
ADDED   New "Use alternative flash method" option under "Photo settings" for
        Camera2 mode. This offers a possible workaround for devices that have
        poor flash behaviour with Camera2 API.
ADDED   Screen flash to simulate flash auto/on modes for front cameras without
        flash ("auto" requires Camera2).
ADDED   Material design icons for Settings.
UPDATED Now supporting Android 6 permissions. You'll have to "allow"
        permissions for camera and storage for Open Camera to work. Additional
        permissions requested when required are microphone (for video) and
        location (for geotagging).
UPDATED HDR mode now supports flash modes.
UPDATED Extra protection for video recording and running out of storage space -
        if not using Storage Access Framework, and saving to internal memory,
        videos should now stop rather than becoming corrupt when running out of
        storage. Note this can't be supported for Storage Access Framework or
        SD cards due to Android limitations.
UPDATED Stop video when battery level critical, to give extra protection when
        device runs out of video (see
        Settings/Video settings/"Critical battery check" to disable this
UPDATED Gallery icon now right-most.
UPDATED On-screen icons now have transparent icons.
UPDATED Improved look of popup-menu: headings are larger and in bold.
UPDATED New material design icon for exposure.
UPDATED On-screen ISO (for Camera2 API) displays red when auto-exposure routine
        is scanning.
UPDATED Manual exposure times longer than 1s now shown directly rather than as
        a reciprocal.
UPDATED Thicker lines for grid, auto-focus grid.
UPDATED Battery icon shows red at 15% instead of 30%; also now flashes at 5% or
UPDATED On-screen icons now rotate with animation.
UPDATED Reorganised some preference settings.
UPDATED Set metadata tags for sound files beep.ogg and beep_hi.ogg.
UPDATED Updated French translation (thanks to Eric Lassauge).
UPDATED Updated Slovenian translation (thanks to Peter Klofutar).
UPDATED Show compass direction option now defaults to off.

Version 1.33 (2016/08/29)

FIXED   Hang when starting with Camera2 API on Android N.
FIXED   Problems with popup menu on some languages and screen sizes.
FIXED   Problems with Camera2 and flash: no longer does excessive flash; also
        fixed problem where with flash auto, flash would sometimes misfire
        resulting in too dark photos.
FIXED   Problem with Pause Preview option: if a photo with RAW was saved, then
        another photo without RAW saved and deleted, the previous RAW was also
ADDED   New photo mode HDR. Only supported for devices with Camera2 API (and
        Camera2 must be enabled).
ADDED   Support for manual ISO for old camera API on Asus Zenphone 2 Z00A and
        Z008 (thanks to Flávio Keglevich).
ADDED   Portuguese translation.
ADDED   Slovenian translation (thanks to Peter Klofutar).
UPDATED Folder history (via Gallery long click) now supported when using Storage
        Access Framework.
UPDATED When switching from auto to manual ISO mode in Camera2 API, exposure
        time now defaults to the current (auto) exposure time.
UPDATED Updated Russian translation (thanks to Dmitry Vahnin aka JSBmanD).

Version 1.32.1 (2016/07/24)

FIXED   Crash on some devices when taking photos with RAW enabled.

Version 1.32 (2016/07/19)

FIXED   Don't repeatedly focus when volume key held down (for "focus" volume
        key option). Hopefully this may help for devices with physical focus
FIXED   Border to indicate photo is being taken no longer remains for "Pause
        after taking photo" option.
FIXED   Now plays sound for start/stop video recording (if shutter sound
        enabled) for Camera2 API.
ADDED   Support for RAW (DNG) files. Only available in Camera2 mode, and if
        your device supports it. Note that most Gallery apps don't recognise
        DNG files, instead use specialised applications like Google Snapseed
        and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, or transfer to a PC.
UPDATED If volume keys are set to "focus", then holding down both volume keys
        will take a photo (this makes your volume keys behave more like a
        physical camera button - hold down one key to focus, then both to take
        a photo).
UPDATED Allow one more photo to be processed in background at a time.
UPDATED Improved timing of shutter sound for Camera2 API.
UPDATED Enabling auto-stabilise now shows an info dialog. Select "Don't show
        again" to prevent the dialog from showing again.
UPDATED Thumbnail for most recent photo/video now restricted to Open Camera's
        save folder when using Storage Access Framework (this was aready the
        case when not using Storage Access Framework).
UPDATED 5s and 10s options for maximum video duration.

Version 1.31 (2016/06/19)

FIXED   Crash on Camera2 API (checkArgumentNonnegative).
FIXED   Photo filename's date/time and date/time used for photostamp now match
        better with time the photo was actually taken, rather than when the
        image was saved.
FIXED   Improved Take Photo widget behaviour so it focuses in continuous focus
ADDED   New option for filenames to be based on UTC (Zulu) time (thanks to
        David Pletcher).
UPDATED Photos now processed in background thread, for smoother operation (if
        this causes problems, you can disable it under Settings/Photo settings/
        Use background thread).
UPDATED Touching the screen with continuous focus mode in photo mode now causes
        an autofocus.
UPDATED Gallery button shows animation effect to indicate saving images.
UPDATED Photo/video info toast now indicates if auto-stabilise option is on.
UPDATED Don't display pointless toast for front/back camera any more.
UPDATED Updated Russian translation (thanks to Grigorii Chirkov).

Version 1.30.1 (2016/06/01)

FIXED   Crash in 1.29 on some devices on startup.

Version 1.30 (2016/05/29)

FIXED   Crash in some cases when failing to save photo.
FIXED   Crash in some cases when opening settings.
FIXED   Focus/metering regions and face detection now works properly with
        Camera2 when zoomed.
FIXED   Audio control icon still showed if audio control was disabled, when
        previously set to "loud noise" option.
UPDATED Popup menu now uses the more standard three dots icon.
UPDATED Popup menu also shows indicator for flash being off.
UPDATED Show zoom seekbar closer to the edge of screen if -/+ controls not
        enabled; always show manual focus distance seekbar closer to the edge.

Version 1.29 (2016/05/06)

FIXED   Still show Camera2 API option for Android N's LEVEL_3 hardware level.
FIXED   Problems with flash mode on Camera2 API - now seems to be working
        better on my Nexus 6 at least...
FIXED   Sluggish zooming with Camera2 API.
FIXED   With Camera2 API, if starting up with flash auto or on, and in focus
        modes other than auto, macro or locked, then flash wouldn't fire.
FIXED   Problems on some devices where we claimed failed to take photo, even
        though it had succeed (some Samsung devices call the autofocus callback
        more than once).
FIXED   Video recording icon would get stuck on red ("playing") if failed to
        save video file.
FIXED   Too long string for 3x3 grid for French translation on popup menu.
ADDED   Proper support for continuous focus mode for photo mode.
ADDED   Graphical border effect when taking a photo (if you don't like this,
        you can disable it under Settings/On screen GUI/"Show border when
        taking photo").
ADDED   Animation effect for auto-focus square.
UPDATED Improved on-screen graphics (line drawings now have proper
        density-independent thickness rather than being hairline).
UPDATED On-screen ISO display (for Camera2) simplified and moved to top of
UPDATED Use Switches instead of Checkboxes in Settings where appropriate.
UPDATED Content description for "switch photo/video mode" button now updates to
        indicate whether it will switch to photo or video mode. Content
        description for "switch camera" button now updates to indicate whether
        it will switch to the front or back camera.
UPDATED Improved content descriptions for buttons on popup menu (focus/flash
        buttons now say which mode they are).
UPDATED Disabled flash options for manual ISO mode in Camera2 API (doesn't work
        properly; plus flash is less useful when setting ISO manually anyway).
UPDATED Switching to ISO auto and back to manual now resets the exposure time
        to default.
UPDATED Debug info now includes device language setting.
UPDATED Default to FullHD rather than higher video resolutions, if possible.

Version 1.28.1 (2016/03/30)

FIXED   Crash when going to "Photo settings" on devices with Czech language
        (bug introduced in 1.28).

Version 1.28 (2016/03/25)

FIXED   Broadcast File-based Uri when using Storage Access Framework, instead
        of SAF Uri (this fixes Owncloud crashing for auto-upload photos/videos
        option; this might also fix problems with photos/videos not showing up
        on SD card until after a reboot?)
FIXED   Unable to get location from network providers on some pre-Android 6
        devices (e.g., Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7) since v1.27 due to Android OS
        bug, have worked around this.
FIXED   If using Storage Access Framework, and save location was on external SD
        card, the on-screen free memory would show internal storage. (Note that
        with this fix, it may be that the free memory is not shown for external
        SD cards, but that's better than showing an incorrect value.)
FIXED   Toast for hitting max filesize on video recording wasn't shown for very
FIXED   Was incorrectly showing "n repeats to go" toast even if it wasn't going
        to repeat (e.g., due to user stopping video recording).
FIXED   Use unicode character for degrees symbol (fixes warning in Android
FIXED   Corrected content description of take photo icon for when switched to
        video mode (for accessibility).
FIXED   Don't show thumbnails of earlier photos/videos when device is locked.
FIXED   Fixed various FindBugs errors.
ADDED   New options to take photo/record video by making a noise, or responding
        to the voice command "cheese".
ADDED   Option to control maximum filesize of videos.
ADDED   New option to disable performing auto-focus on startup (disable this if
        you have the bug where flash turns on on startup).
ADDED   Belarusian translation (thanks to Zmicer Turok).
ADDED   Czech translation (thanks to Jaroslav Svoboda).
ADDED   Japanese translation (thanks to Mitsuse).
ADDED   Turkish translation (thanks to Serdar Erkoc).
UPDATED Video now automatically restarts (rather than stopping) if the device's
        maximum filesize (typically ~2GB), or the user specified limit, is hit.
        (Option also added to not restart, if you prefer.)
UPDATED Don't show info toasts so often - only if an unusual non-default
        setting is set, or when switching between photo and video modes.
UPDATED Improved quality of take photo/video icons.
UPDATED Improved look of focus indicator.
UPDATED Display countdown timer as hours:minutes:seconds when 60 seconds or
UPDATED No longer show pointless toast for stopping video recording.
UPDATED Display if face detection is turned on in info toast.
UPDATED Level line now has a crossbar to indicate the vertical angle better.
UPDATED Reorganised the Settings ("Lock screen when recording video" moved to
        "Video settings", "Rotate preview" moved to "On screen GUI").
UPDATED Minor performance improvement to startup time.
UPDATED Condense popup view by combining some titles into the buttons.
UPDATED Updated Chinese Simplified translation (thanks to Michael Lu).

Version 1.27 (2015/10/25)

FIXED   Crash on Android 6 when accessing popup menu.
FIXED   Crashes on Android 6 if users have denied permissions (currently Open
        Camera won't request permissions at runtime, and please don't expect
        well-defined behaviour if you've blocked a permission, this is a quick
        fix to prevent crashes).
FIXED   Problems when holding down volume/focus/camera key to focus.
FIXED   Camera2 API photos sometimes taken before focused; autofocus square
        sometimes turned green immediately before focus actually succeeded.
FIXED   Take photo icon would momentarily switch to video icon when going to
FIXED   Video bitrates now correctly documented as bps rather than bits.
ADDED   3 second option for timer/repeat mode.
ADDED   German translation (thanks to Ronny Steiner and Sebastian Ahlborn).
UPDATED Improved selfie stick button support (thanks to Lau Keat Hwa).
UPDATED Improved icons for app, and take photo (thanks to Adam Lapinski).
UPDATED Updated French translation (thanks to Olivier Seiler).
UPDATED Updated Russian translation (thanks to Vitamin).

Version 1.26 (2015/07/06)

FIXED   Crashes on some devices if camera couldn't be opened.
FIXED   Crash in Camera2 API to do with focusing.
FIXED   Crash in Camera2 API when camera not available.
FIXED   Crash if pressing volume keys to change exposure when camera couldn't
        be opened.
FIXED   Taking photo would sometimes hang if flash on, and taking a photo
        whilst already focusing.
FIXED   "Show thumbnail animation" preference was ignored since v1.24.
FIXED   Saving of Exif tags (including GPS compass direction) now handled
        properly when Open Camera is called via another app to take a photo
        (note that some 3rd party apps may still override the Exif tags).
FIXED   Was sometimes displaying "0" for timer countdown and playing a beep
        when taking a photo on timer.
FIXED   If a photo was taken before startup autofocus completed, flash was
        incorrectly turned off.
FIXED   If torch is on, don't turn it off and on when Open Camera is starting
FIXED   Now switches to photo mode automatically when called from a photo
FIXED   Reenable exposure compensation when using non-default ISO for original
        Camera API.
ADDED   Support for Android 5's Storage Access Framework. This should allow
        saving to SD cards, but has to be enabled under Settings/More camera
        controls/"Use Storage Access Framework".
ADDED   New option "Touch to capture" - take photos by touching or
        double-tapping anywhere on the preview.
ADDED   New option to allow disabling "toast" messages.
ADDED   New grids: 3x3 Phi, Crosshair, Golden (Fibbonaci) Spirals, Golden
        Triangles, Diagonals.
ADDED   New crop guides: 1:1, 5:4, 7:5.
ADDED   Options for date, time and GPS formats (including 12/24 hour choice),
        and font color, for date and time stamps.
ADDED   Option for highlight color to use for angle display and level line,
        when camera is nearly level.
ADDED   Option for mono or stereo audio when recording video (stereo only
        supported on some devices).
ADDED   Support for INTENT_ACTION_VIDEO_CAMERA intent (so Open Camera can now
        be launched in video using OK Google's "record a video") and
ADDED   Optional voice countdown for timer.
ADDED   Info toast now shows if timer and/or burst mode enabled.
ADDED   More repeat mode intervals, now up to 2 hours.
ADDED   New "Text style" option to render "stamp" text without a shadow
        background effect.
ADDED   Azerbaijani translation (thanks to Eldost).
ADDED   Brazilian translation (thanks to Kaio Duarte).
ADDED   Chinese Traditional translation (thanks to You-Cheng Hsieh).
ADDED   French translation (thanks to Olivier Seiler).
ADDED   Korean translation (thanks to Halcyonest).
UPDATED Choice of grid now available on the popup menu.
UPDATED Focus mode remembered for photo mode even when switching to video mode
        and back.
UPDATED Improved timer beep sound; also plays a higher pitch sound for one
        second to go.
UPDATED Record video button now turns red when recording video.
UPDATED Popup menu now shows symbol for red eye mode.
UPDATED Make icons transparent again, when using Material Design theme.
UPDATED Made popup menu slightly more transparent.
UPDATED Slight tweak to colours of take photo/video icons.
UPDATED "Timer beep" preference moved to "More camera controls..." page.
UPDATED Updated Chinese Simplified translation (thanks to Michael Lu).
UPDATED Updated Russian translation (thanks to Vitamin).
UPDATED Updated Spanish translation (thanks to Mario Sanoguera).

Version 1.25 (2015/04/23)

FIXED   Crash when clicking on settings if camera couldn't be opened.
FIXED   Various other crashes.

Version 1.24 (2015/04/18)

FIXED   Problem on Nexus 6 where torch didn't turn off until going to flash
        off mode (this came back again - possibly due to Android 5.1 update!).
FIXED   Problem that a toast wouldn't clear if new toasts were repeatedly
FIXED   Toast for changing exposure compensation is no longer on top of the -/+
FIXED   Some UI controls had missing contentDescription attribute (needed for
FIXED   Corrected Italian translation for "Save location" setting.
FIXED   Avoid slowdown when repeatedly pressing switch camera or switch video
ADDED   New option to enable Android 5's Camera2 API! Currently experimental.
        Restricted to only some devices (e.g., Nexus 6).
ADDED   True manual focus mode, which allows setting the focus distance with a
        slider (only if Camera2 API is enabled).
ADDED   Option to display current ISO on screen (only if Camera2 API is
ADDED   If using non-auto ISO, a specific ISO value and exposure time can now
        be selected via sliders by clicking the exposure compensation button
        (only if Camera2 API is enabled).
ADDED   Chinese Simplified translation (thanks to Michael Lu).
UPDATED Focus Manual mode renamed to Focus Locked; also it no longer refocuses
        when switching to this mode.
UPDATED Improved look of on-screen level bar - now easier to see against white
        background; it also becomes a double bar as well as turning green when
        nearly level (for accessibility).
UPDATED Angle display on-screen is now underlined as well as turning green when
        nearly level (for accessibility).
UPDATED Level angle no longer flips between "-0.0" and "0.0" when near zero
UPDATED Option to reset settings now restarts app.

Version 1.23 (2015/02/16)

FIXED   Some devices (Nexus 5, Nexus 6) had dark preview/photos in low light,
        and frame rate not as smooth as it could be in good light.
FIXED   Problem on some devices (including Nexus 5 and Nexus 6) where torch
        didn't turn off until going to flash off mode (have actually fixed it
        this time!).
FIXED   Crash on some Sony Xperia devices when in video mode.
FIXED   Fix for devices where there is no write access for DCIM (thanks to ).
FIXED   Wasn't displaying free memory when first run, if OpenCamera folder
        didn't already exist.
FIXED   If GPS lost, old possibly out of date position was still being used.
FIXED   Gallery now shows/goes to latest image/video in the chosen Open Camera
        save folder, rather than the latest image/video on the device. Also
        fixed problem if there existed a file with a datestamp in the future -
        these are no longer shown, even if located in the save folder.
FIXED   Some devices displayed "ISO ISO100" etc on popup menu.
FIXED   Pressing "No" to "Clear Save History" left screen as all black.
FIXED   Don't created corrupted video file if video recording stopped too
        quickly after starting (when no video data is received).
FIXED   Font size used for date/geo stamping photos now scales sensibly with
        photo resolution.
FIXED   Thumbnail created after taking a photo didn't always reflect actual
        image saved, if using auto-stabilise or date/geo stamp options.
FIXED   Popup button wasn't being hidden in immersive mode, on devices with
FIXED   Don't show "Force 4K UHD video" option if 4K mode is already supported
        by the device in the standard video resolutions.
ADDED   Italian translation (thanks to Valerio Bozzolan).
ADDED   Options to customise photo and video filenames.
ADDED   New option "Keep display on", can now disable the behaviour to keep the
        screen on.
ADDED   Burst mode control now available on popup menu.
ADDED   A custom text can now be stamped onto photos.
ADDED   New option to choose font size for date/geo/text stamping on photos.
ADDED   Can now change video resolution from popup menu.
ADDED   Crop guide 1.5 (3:2).
ADDED   Audio source can now be set to "default" or "Optimised for voice".
UPDATED GPS listener now prefers GPS provider to Network provider if both are
UPDATED GPS listener now sets min time of 1s, to improve battery usage.
UPDATED Now uses Material Design theme style on Android 5.
UPDATED Now uses dark theme for Settings (more consistent with rest of app;
        better for not ruining night vision; sorry if you preferred the old
        look, but Android doesn't seem to cope well with mixing themes in the
        same Activity).
UPDATED "Photo and video settings" preference screen now split up into "Photo
        settings", "Video settings" and "Location settings".
UPDATED Exposure level now displayed in units of "EV".
UPDATED Toast now displays if focus, ISO, color effect or white balance modes
        are non-default.
UPDATED Popup menu now supports horizontal scrolling if there are too many
        flash, focus or ISO buttons.
UPDATED Popup menu photo resolution switcher now displays megapixels of each
UPDATED Switching resolutions from popup menup is now smoother.
UPDATED Removed as being a required feature
        (this meant Open Camera didn't show up in Google Play on devices
        without auto-focus camera).

Version 1.22 (2015/01/04)

FIXED   Crash if camera couldn't be opened, and GUI buttons were pressed.
FIXED   Crash that could occur if camera closes whilst taking a photo.
FIXED   Crash on Galaxy Nexus in rare circumstances when switching camera.
FIXED   Pressing take photo button didn't cancel burst mode when not using
FIXED   If failed to create video file when recording video, UI wasn't put back
        into proper state.
FIXED   EXIF tags DateTimeOriginal and DateTimeDigitized weren't being saved in
        some cases (if using auto-stabilise, geotagging or stamp photo
ADDED   New immersive mode (requires Android 4.4 KitKat or higher), under
        Settings/On screen GUI/Immersive mode. You can set the option to use
        KitKat's immersive mode, either hiding the GUI, or even hiding
        everything except the camera preview. Touch the preview or swipe in
        from side to exit immersive mode. Also added an option to not even dim
        the on-screen virtual navigation buttons.
ADDED   Option to reset all settings to default.
ADDED   Options to control whether time and/or battery status are displayed
ADDED   Can now set burst mode to unlimited.
ADDED   New option to only allow taking photo/video if GPS location data is
ADDED   Tagging photos with GPS direction is now a separate option ("Store
        compass direction" rather than "Store location data"). If you are
        upgrading and want photos to remain tagged with GPS direction, please
        enable the new option.
UPDATED Can now choose new save location from recent save folders picker.
UPDATED Improved look of recent save folders picker.
UPDATED Popup menu button now also shows indicator for torch.
UPDATED If camera only supports one scene mode etc, no point offering the
        option to the user.
UPDATED "Take Photo" shortcut is now done as a widget rather than a shortcut
        (if you previously had this shortcut on your homescreen, you may need
        to re-add it as a widget).

Version 1.21 (2014/11/15)

FIXED   Broadcasts of Camera.ACTION_NEW_PICTURE,
        and Camera.ACTION_NEW_VIDEO intents weren't supplying the Uri correctly
        - auto-uploading for photos and videos with Owncloud should now work.
FIXED   Corrected look of popup animation when in left-handed UI mode.
FIXED   If called via an intent, and returning the bitmap via a parcel, the
        bitmap wasn't being resized to a small size if auto-stabilise option
        was enabled.
ADDED   Option to stamp photos with date and time; and also GPS if location
        data is enabled.
ADDED   New application shortcut "Take Photo", which automatically takes a
        photo after opening Open Camera.
ADDED   Lock screen widgets, to allow calling Open Camera from the lock screen,
        and taking a photo from the lock screen (requires Android 4.2).
UPDATED Popup menu button now shows flash indicator (for flash auto or on).
UPDATED Cleaned up settings - removed some options that are more easily
        selected from the popup menu (ISO, white balance, scene mode, color
        effect, auto-stabilize).
UPDATED New material design icon.

Version 1.20 (2014/09/21)

FIXED   Crash (NumberFormatException in Parameters.getPreviewFpsRange()) on
        startup for mb526.
FIXED   Problems if settings window was opened while timer was active (timer is
        now cancelled when going to settings).
ADDED   New popup menu, allows quick access to changing: flash, focus, ISO,
        white balance, scene mode, color effect, camera resolution, timer.
UPDATED New icon (by Cosmin Saveanu).

Version 1.19 (2014/09/08)

FIXED   Crashes on startup due to invalid parameters being set.
FIXED   Location info was lost when switching camera or changing scene mode.
FIXED   Focus rectangle was shown after switching from video to photo, and
        wouldn't disappear until a focus occurred.
FIXED   Accents for Spanish translation.
ADDED   New option to display crop guides.
ADDED   Option to rotate preview 180 degrees (useful if using Open Camera with
        adapters that invert the image).
UPDATED Material Design icons and colours.
UPDATED Improved look of toasts to match Android 4.4 look.
UPDATED Made changing resolution on the popup menu smoother - now possible to
        quickly go through the resolutions without a pause every time.
UPDATED Removed some pointless toasts.

Version 1.18 (2014/08/28)

FIXED   Problem on some devices (including Nexus 5) where torch didn't turn off
        until going to flash off mode.
FIXED   Problem on some devices (e.g., Galaxy S5) if in video mode, and focus
        mode is not continuous, and user went to settings and back, then tried
        to record - video would hang.
ADDED   Spanish translation (thanks to Mario Sanoguera).
UPDATED If camera can't be opened, touching the screen now tries to reopen the
UPDATED Allow installation of app onto external storage.

Version 1.17 (2014/08/24)

FIXED   Crash during auto-stabilise if unable to rotate bitmap (out of memory?)
        now instead reports being unable to auto-stabilise.
FIXED   Crash if failed to start camera preview.
FIXED   Crash when changing flash mode, if camera was lost.
FIXED   Problem where photos were being taken out of focus on some devices (bug
        introduced in v1.16).
FIXED   "Save location" option didn't work if folder didn't exist (this also
        meant it didn't work when the app is first installed, unless a
        photo/video was taken first) (bug introduced in v1.16 with the new file
        chooser dialog).
ADDED   New options for volume keys: focus, and switch auto-stabilise on/off.
UPDATED Allow changing flash mode while recording video (so torch can be
        switched on and off).
UPDATED Zoom -/+ controls are now disabled by default, to reduce clutter (for
        those upgrading, you can change this in Settings/On screen GUI).
UPDATED Use more subtle/natural colors for red/green/blue in UI; improve look
        of take photo/video icon.

Version 1.16 (2014/08/17)

FIXED   Device freeze when recording video on some Samsung devices (e.g.,
        Galaxy S2, and some Galaxy S3 variants).
FIXED   Fail to take photo if in manual focus mode, and picture was taken
        whilst focusing.
FIXED   Changing left/right handedness of UI didn't update until app
FIXED   Problems with left-handed UI when going to settings and back, icons
        would shift to incorrect positions.
FIXED   When geotagging was enabled, this didn't take effect until the app was
        paused and resumed (or restarted).
FIXED   If zoomed in, then switch camera or app paused, the camera preview
        would reset to being unzoomed on some devices (e.g., Nexus 7).
UPDATED Save folder location is now chosen via a GUI, rather than having to
        type the path.
UPDATED If exposure is non-zero, the exposure is displayed on the photo/video
UPDATED Photo/video toast now displays scene mode if not auto.
UPDATED Video toast now displays if audio recording is disabled.
UPDATED Photo/video toast now displays for longer.
UPDATED Improved behaviour of left-handed UI, to make it more consistent with
        the behaviour of the right-handed UI.
UPDATED Minor improvements to alignment of on-screen text.
UPDATED New icon for switching between photo and video mode.
UPDATED Virtual buttons now dimmed.
ADDED   Support for video stabilization.
ADDED   Option to disable showing the zoom slider control (Settings/
        On screen GUI.../Show zoom slider control).
ADDED   Russian translation (thanks to maksnogin).

Version 1.15 (2014/08/02)

FIXED   Crash when exiting settings, if camera wasn't opened (bug introduced in
FIXED   More crashes due to camera drivers that aren't following Android API
        specs (Parameters.getFocusMode() should always be non-null, but isn't
        on some devices!)
FIXED   If video failed due to error (e.g., hitting device max filesize,
        running out of space, of other errors), Open Camera now stops properly
        rather than thinking the video is still recording. Last video error is
        also stored in the about/debug window.
ADDED   New option to lock orientation to portrait or landscape.
ADDED   New option Flash while recording video.
UPDATED Touch to set focus/metering now works while recording video.

Version 1.14 (2014/07/22)

FIXED   Crash when clicking to switch between photo/video modes if camera
        couldn't be opened.
FIXED   Problem with face detection not resuming after focusing on mtk6589.
FIXED   Workaround for aspect ratio bug introduced in Android 4.4.3:
        Problem that this caused with aspect ratio with video recording.
FIXED   Open Camera now available as a choice when camera icon pressed from
        Gallery app (Open Camera now responds to
FIXED   Open Camera now available as a choice when camera icon pressed from
        Cover Lock Screen (beta) app (Open Camera now responds to
FIXED   All available video resolutions are now supported.
ADDED   New "manual" focus mode - focusing happens when you touch the screen,
        but it doesn't do automatic focusing when taking a photo.
ADDED   Support for more hardware buttons: camera button to take photo/video;
        focus button; zoom in/out buttons.
ADDED   Long press on gallery icon now shows a popup of recent save folders (if
        more than one is available), allowing you to quickly change between
ADDED   Location data now stored in videos too, if geotagging option is enabled
        (only for MPEG4 and 3GPP video formats).
ADDED   Option for volume keys to do nothing (not even changing the device
ADDED   Option to lock screen when recording video (swipe to unlock).
ADDED   Option to limit duration of recording video (automatically stops after
        specified time); also option to restart video a specified number of
UPDATED Significantly improved speed for opening and closing settings (now
        launched as a Fragment rather than a separate Activity).
UPDATED Open Camera now remains active rather than being blocked by a "screen
        lock" (face/PIN unlock still required to go to Gallery or Settings).
        This behaviour can be switched off by going to Settings/More Camera
        Controls/Show camera when locked.
        intents for new photos, and Camera.ACTION_NEW_VIDEO for new videos.
UPDATED WYSIWYG mode is now the default setting for the preview size.
UPDATED Expanded number of devices which show the "Force 4K UHD video
        (experimental)" option (remember, 4K isn't officially supported by
        Android API and this option is experimental - if this option shows, it
        doesn't necessarily mean it will work on your device).
UPDATED Video time is now shown with smaller font and off-centre, so as to not
        obscure the view so much.

Version 1.13 (2014/05/24)

FIXED   Crash when opening settings on devices that didn't support
        auto-stabilise (bug introduced in v1.10).
FIXED   Crash introduced in v1.10 to do with cancelling autofocus on some
ADDED   Options for video bitrate and frame rate. Note that both of these are
        approximate settings, and whether they can be achieved may depend on
        your device, and other conditions such as lighting. Also note that
        setting non-default values for bitrate of frame rate may cause video
        recording to fail, if the values are not supported.
UPDATED About window now shows device manufacturer and model, to help with

Version 1.12 (2014/05/19)

UPDATED Improve support for ISO setting (didn't show up on some devices, e.g.,
        some Galaxy S5 variants).

Version 1.11 (2014/05/17)

ADDED   New GUI icon to set exposure lock.
ADDED   New option in settings to set ISO.
ADDED   Displays photo and video resolution etc, when starting up, switching
        between photo/video, and switching camera.
ADDED   About window now displays all camera parameters.
UPDATED Don't display switch camera icon if device only has 1 camera.
UPDATED Always reset to continuous focus mode when starting camera in video
        mode (fixes some problems on some devices).

Version 1.10 (2014/05/07)

FIXED   Preview wouldn't restart after taking photo with continuous focus, on
        Galaxy Nexus.
FIXED   Problems with aspect ratio when not using WYSIWYG preview mode and
        recording video.
FIXED   Camcorder profile was always being initialised from the back camera,
        even when recording video with the front camera.
ADDED   New (experimental!) option to support 4K UHD (3840x2160) video
        (Settings->Photo and video settings->Force 4K UHD video). Note that 4K
        video isn't properly supported by Android API, so this option may show
        even if it isn't supported on your device, and may not work or even
        crash. I've successfully tested this on a Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3.
ADDED   Option to not display the -/+ zoom control.
UPDATED All available video resolutions offered by the camera are now supported.
UPDATED Picture and video resolution preferences display aspect ratio and
        megapixels of each resolution.
UPDATED Reorganised preferences into new On screen GUI page.
UPDATED Don't change camera settings whilst camera is autofocusing (may help
        problems/crashes on some devices).

Version 1.9 (2014/03/22)

FIXED   Crash on some devices when starting app or switching camera (bug
        introduced in v1.8).

Version 1.8 (2014/03/18)

FIXED   Crash on startup if Network or GPS location providers not available,
        and geotagging was enabled.
FIXED   Crash if specified save folder was an empty string.
FIXED   Don't ever turn on flash during autofocus when app is launched.
FIXED   Various other crashes.
ADDED   Option to not force screen display to maximum brightness.
ADDED   Option to display horizontal "level" line.
ADDED   Support for hardware menu button (now opens settings).
ADDED   Option to display a 4x2 grid (if you previously had a 3x3 "rule of
        thirds" grid, you'll have to reenable it under the Settings).
ADDED   Added privacy policy (for location permission/geotagging) to intro
        window text (needed for Nokia Store).
ADDED   Uses setRecordingHint, may improve performance of starting video
ADDED   New About option in Settings, providing debug info.
UPDATED Don't re-autofocus before taking a photo, if camera recently
        successfully focused due to user touching the screen.
UPDATED Display yellow or green dot next to earth icon to indicate location
UPDATED Display earth icon with red dash through it, if geotagging is enabled,
        but the app doesn't have a location.
UPDATED Current zoom is now saved when app goes idle, or switching cameras.
UPDATED Offset zoom slider slightly so as to not interfere with Google Now
UPDATED Allow greater range of characters (including unicode) for save location
        (now allows any character other than those reserved by filesystem).

Version 1.7 (2014/01/29)

FIXED   More fixes for aspect ratio - the preview display should now always
        have a 1:1 aspect ratio (on some devices this may mean black bars are
        shown, if there isn't a match between the camera's available preview
        sizes, and the aspect ratio of the device's display).
FIXED   Possible crash relating to creating thumbnails.
FIXED   Autofocus on startup didn't always actually focus.
FIXED   If camera doesn't support focus areas, but does support metering areas,
        still set the metering area.
FIXED   Was sometimes trying to set metering areas when metering areas not
        supported by device.
FIXED   If image is deleted after taking the photo, the thumbnail is now
        properly updated to what is now the most recent photo or video.
ADDED   New option to set preview aspect ratio to match the picture/video
        aspect ratio (WYSIWIG).
UPDATED Save folder can now be an absolute path, allowing possibility to save
        on external SD cards (though you need to know what the path is, which
        typically varies depending on device; I am unable to test this, so
        please let me know if it does or doesn't work).
UPDATED Zoom -/+ control now matches the zoom slider orientation.
UPDATED Hide some icons when taking video, as they don't do anything.

Version 1.6 (2014/01/20)

FIXED   Crash when trying to access image or video resolutions in settings, if
        camera didn't offer these settings.
FIXED   Exposure compensation wasn't available on devices if min or max
        exposure compensation level was equal to 0.
FIXED   Aspect ratio problems with the preview on some devices (if you are
        still having problems, please let me know what Android device you are
FIXED   Aspect ratio problems with the preview on all devices when switching
        the camera.
FIXED   Problem on smaller devices where on-screen text overlapped with take
        photo button; the text is now aligned to above the button on all
ADDED   Zoom can now be also controlled via on-screen slider (next to the
        plus/minus zoom buttons).
ADDED   Option for volume keys to control the exposure compensation.
ADDED   Option to display compass direction of camera on-screen (defaults to
        on, disable it in options if you don't like it).
ADDED   Option to choose microphone for recording audio (support for external
UPDATED Exposure compensation is now set via a new button in the on-screen GUI
        (the black and white +/- symbol) instead of the settings. Clicking this
        will bring up a slider and plus/minus buttons to adjust the exposure
        compensation. To get rid of the slider and buttons, either click the
        Exposure button again, or click elsewhere on the screen.
UPDATED Geotagging now stores image compass direction (GPSImgDirection,
UPDATED Display degree symbol for displayed on-screen angles.
UPDATED Zoom control is now transparent.
UPDATED Filter applied to sensor for device angle.

Version 1.5 (2014/01/09)

FIXED   Crash on Android 4.4 when launching for first time, or changing the
        save folder (issue with creating the save folder, due to Android no
        longer allowing ANDROID_MEDIA_MOUNTED to be broadcast).
FIXED   Crash if failed to open camera after switching cameras, then user tried
        to zoom.
FIXED   Other potential crashes (NumberFormatException on "es209ra" on startup;
        RuntimeException on Xperia Go when taking photo; RuntimeException on
        "maxx_ax5" when taking photo with face detection).

Version 1.4 (2013/12/16)

FIXED   Calculation for focus areas wasn't right for front facing cameras.
FIXED   Exif data wasn't getting saved if auto-stabilise option was enabled
        (this also meant that on some cameras/focus modes, the orientation
        would have been incorrect).
FIXED   "Toast" pop-up messages looked poor on Android 4.4.
FIXED   Fixed potential crash if taking picture fails.
FIXED   Touch to focus with continuous focus shouldn't show red box.
FIXED   Crash with auto-stabilise for some angles larger than 90 degrees.
FIXED   Crash when rotating device when viewing "Photo and video settings".
FIXED   If device was rotated when app was idle, the UI sometimes showed with
        the incorrect orientation.
ADDED   Images now tagged with current location (optional, off by default). Note
        that Open Camera now requires Location permission, for this feature.
ADDED   Option for face detection.
ADDED   Touch to select focus area also now sets the metering area (used to
        determine exposure).
ADDED   Now displays current time.
ADDED   Option to display a 3x3 grid ("rule of thirds").
ADDED   Now displays flashy thumbnail animation when taking a photo (you can
        disable this in the options under "More camera controls..." if you
        don't like this sort of thing!)
UPDATED Gallery button now displays thumbnail of last image/video taken.
UPDATED Clicking the Gallery button now goes to most recent image/video.
UPDATED Made it easier to see on-screen text when underlying photo preview is
        bright, by drawing a background with the text.

Version 1.3 (2013/11/18)

FIXED   Video files may not have shown up properly in other apps, or over USB,
        until rebooting device.
FIXED   Make sure filenames for images/videos are unique.
ADDED   New burst mode option - take a repeated set of photos at once, or with
        a delay.
ADDED   Option for video resolution.
ADDED   Display battery status on screen.
UPDATED Reorganised settings screen to remove clutter - less commonly used
        options have been moved to sub-screens; "Record audio?" is moved to
        "Photo and video settings..."
UPDATED Only show zoom level (if that option is set) when actually zoomed in.

Version 1.2 (2013/11/09)

FIXED   Crash when launching gallery, if no Gallery app installed on device.
FIXED   Selecting a focus area shouldn't switch to focus mode auto.
FIXED   Focus area wasn't getting reset when it should (e.g., changing focus
        mode or zooming).
FIXED   Fixed potential crash on auto focus.
FIXED   Hide GUI options while taking a photo (otherwise problems can be caused
        by changing options, e.g., changing focus mode).
FIXED   Message for failing to open camera was too wide for portrait view.
ADDED   Option for exposure compensation.
ADDED   Show whether auto focus was successful or not (via red/green rectangle)
        even if focus area not selected.
UPDATED Pause after taking photo now defaults to false.
UPDATED Made "toasts" look nicer.
UPDATED Added simple instructions to the intro window shown on first time

Version 1.1 (2013/10/27)

ADDED  Touch to select focus area.
ADDED  Optional beep on timer countdown.
ADDED  Option on whether to display the current camera zoom level on screen.

Version 1.0 (2013/10/17)

First release.

Open Camera Privacy Policy.

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