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This page provides some guidance on compatibility of various Android devices with Open Camera. Please note the following:

General notes

If you're just interested in taking photos with non-advanced features (without enabling "Camera2 API"), then most things should work on most devices, as far as I can tell. I do occasionally get bug reports of things which seem to be device specific, but not enough to draw conclusions about things not working on particular devices. The most commonly reported issues seems to be:

If you're interested in enabling Camera2 support for advanced features (manual focus, manual exposure, expo bracketing, HDR), be aware that unfortunately many devices have poor support for Camera2 (even if they support the API, the implementations seem to have problems). For that, please read the details below on what we know about different devices.

Also note that just because a manufacturer advertises a particular camera feature, it doesn't mean that Open Camera can use it. Unfortunately some manufacturers limit some features to the "stock" camera application, and don't make it available through to third party cameras. This tends to be more advanced features - 4K video, high photo resolutions, high frame rate video, RAW.

Device specific notes

Google Nexuses/Pixels

In general, Google Nexuses have worked well for Open Camera. Firstly because Google provide good support for their own Android camera API, both old and Camera2 (as you'd hope!) - and they use it for their own Google camera. Secondly because I've owned several Nexuses (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 6), and so have been able to test Open Camera against them. That's not to say they're bug free (exposure lock has often been flaky for example).

Camera2 on the Nexus 6 works well (there are some minor issues, e.g., manual exposure doesn't work well when recording video). It's hard to be sure about other Nexuses though.

In theory all this should apply to the Pixels, but I haven't been able to test - though from what people tell me, things seem to work including Camera2 features. Open Camera also supports Google's HDR+ mode on the Pixel (2).

Color effects don't work on the Nexus 7.


I've had reports of expo bracketing and HDR in Camera2 mode not working properly on some Huawei devices (Huawei P8 lite 2017, P9). See here for details.

Lenovo Vibe S1

A special prize goes to this device - several people have told me they can't even install Open Camera (error 504 from Google Play) on at least some versions of this device. This seems to be due to a pre-installed app "Stereo Verify" that uses Open Camera's package name (net.sourceforge.opencamera), which prevents installation of Open Camera.


I've tested Open Camera with the Nokia 8. Everything seems to work as far as I can tell, including Camera2 API with full manual controls, RAW and 120fps video.


OnePlus One

A reported problem for third party camera applications (including Open Camera) is photos coming out with a "split exposure" effect where one half is brighter than the other - e.g., see here.

OnePlus 3T

This is a device I own, so has the advantage that I've been able to test with it.

Mostly things work fine, but Camera2 API has some issues:

See this thread for more details.

OnePlus 5

This seems to have the same problems with Camera2 API as the OnePlus 3T (see above). Issues with RAW images have been reported for third party camera applications - see here, here and here. As of August 2017, this seems to have been fixed. But as of December 2017, there seem to be additional problems with RAW on Android 8.


I have occasionally tested on various Samsung devices using their remote test labs - although useful, this is limited compared to owning a real device (especially when the test labs are dark!)

A few devices have shown problems with corrupted video recording with Open Camera, though this seems to be rare (and doesn't seem to be consistent enough to name any particular device).

I've had reports of the audio being out of sync with video on the Galaxy S7 and S8 when in Camera2 API mode.

4K video recording isn't made available for third party cameras like Open Camera (at least on some Samsung devices). In some cases it can be enabled with the "Force 4K" option, but this only works on some devices (in some cases whether it works depends on which variant of a device).

I've had reports of picture quality being poor on Camera2 API the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, though improvements were made in v1.42.1 onwards of Open Camera. See here for details.

On a positive note, the Galaxy Note 4 and 5 were used with Open Camera to film the world's first 4K feature film shot on a phone.

Sony Xperia

23MP photo resolution isn't available, the maximum seems to be 8MP. This seems to be due to Sony not making this available for third party camera applications.

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